Pisces Infidelity

Pisces Infidelity

Is Your Pisces Partner Cheating?

Pisces are extremely sensitive to the feelings of others and are generally more comfortable in open and honest relationships.

The very concept of infidelity and betrayal is extremely painful for tenderhearted Pisces. They cannot bear to be on either end of it.

When a Pisces cheats, all they can think about is the face of their partner and their deep intuitive fire alarm rings constantly, knowing what they are doing is wrong.

Pisces sexuality is very strong and a seductive partner can sometimes get the best of pervy Pisces. Pisces will be wracked with guilt over it and may even admit to it in order to relieve themselves of the burden.

When a Pisces has been cheated on, they are quite literally crushed. To Pisces, a love bond is so strong and blissful that the bitterness of infidelity can feel twice as devastating. Combined with how in tune Pisces are with their emotions, you have a recipe for a deeply depressed little fish.

If you cheated on a Pisces and have come clean and honest about it, expect that you may just get a second chance – provided it’s real and that you NEVER do it again.

The good news is that Pisces have a resilient emotional fortitude and can easily learn to forgive and forget…

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