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Pisces Horoscope: May 2020


Here’s your Pisces Horoscope Overview for May 2020, Pisces…

You still need to learn to relate better with others, but now it’s more on the intimate and personal level — the exchange of ideas, innermost thoughts, personal beliefs rather than the emotions.

Family ties, linkages of loving and caring now become sharing.

  • Vital correspondence and contacts must not be neglected, or the necessary inputs, data and information for work-related projects, plans or activities.
  • No carelessness of any kind to be made if you want to achieve your goals.
  • You are more curious and alert than usual, and you could be quite busy with errands, paperwork, phone calls, and light socializing.

Much energy is expended in understanding and adapting to your immediate environment.

Siblings, neighbors, close relatives, friends, and co-workers may play a more important role than usual in your life.

Prosperity will grow from your inspired efforts, original ideas/techniques.

With prosperity, worries do tend to fade away. If not now, you realize it will happen sooner or later. You are willing to wait.

It is definite that there will be an easy flow of good things in your field of work; and greater enjoyment of life.

This will pertain not only to work but also to your personal and emotional life.

At home, you are mentally very active, making interesting changes and turning the daily friend of domesticity into fun and pleasure.

A second home/retreat/vacation is also possible. But avoid over-spending on holidays and extravagance in general. That’s not the way, even if you’re spending on adding beauty, comfort and luxury to your home and family. Over-extending yourself will actually detract from the ambience, not add to it.

You may particularly value the aesthetics in and around your home during this month.

If things are out of whack on the home front, you will do whatever you can to create a peaceful and stable atmosphere.

Imagination and desires may fog your decision making capabilities and create confusion.

Relationship ups and downs characterize this phase – a time when passionate mirages are more than likely. It could be because you are now struggling with feelings of rejection or unusual experiences in love.

You may be inclined to withdraw from social activities, if not, avoid making purchases and commitments at this time.

Activities that demand work alone or in deep concentration are likely to go well.

It can be a time when past actions grab hold of you – and this is not essentially an awful thing!

This is natural – you may just as well do your best work alone for now.

Some of you might get carried away and get involved with drugs, alcohol, or in covert activities.

There is also a tendency to negate or ignore feelings of aggression, and not wishing to display them, they are repressed.


Here’s your Pisces Love Horoscope for May 2020, Pisces…

Your life will be full of busy work such as errands, keeping in contact with others, paperwork and perhaps a bit of much needed socializing.

Your energy is high so you’ll have no trouble keeping up with it all.

Look to others and listen to what they have to say with open ears and an open mind. They just may be of vital importance to you and your happiness.

Your intimate moments and personal encounters are not coming to you so easily right now.

You seem to have a problem in letting things run smoothly. Stop and refocus your attention and your thoughts as to what is important to you and how to better attain what your goals are.

The love you lose may be the love you could have had forever.

Share your inner thoughts and personal endeavors rather than relying on emotions to attain what you desire.

So if an idea pops, act on it – for it plays a role in your continued development.

If you’re hooked up, you’re ready for a new level of commitment. On your next date get personal with your lover on a more intellectual level. You may be surprised at how close you both can become.

Do not ignore the ones trying to get your attention.

Stay focused on sharing your ideals, personal aspects and deeper morals if you desire that deeper level of bonding.

Regardless of your relationship status, you need someone who can engage your curious mind.


Improving your interpersonal relations requires you to invest quite some amount of time and effort.

Right now exchanging your ideas or other, deep thoughts should take precedence over emotional exchanges.

Your family and the other people you love now become most important in your life.

You can use social networking sites like Facebook to keep in touch with all the people you care about but cannot see as often as you would like.

It is crucial you do not ignore your vital correspondence or other inputs.

If you want to achieve the goals you have set, you cannot afford to be careless at all during this time.

  • That means, if you do end up contacting friends or family through some social networking site;
  • Be sure not to post anything that would leave you feeling embarrassed or otherwise in the red;
  • Know that the people around you can see what you say and it is not so anonymous as you might have thought.

Errands or paperwork should be taking up a lot of time during this phase so expect to be well and busy.

It will cost lots of energy for you to understand, then adapt, to your immediate environment.

Your neighbors, siblings and other close friends or relatives are about to become major players on the stage of your life.

Keep yourself open to spontaneous meetings or other gatherings and keep a hold on your tongue if you feel tempted to spew something vicious.

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