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Famous Pisces

Famous Pisces &┬áPisces Celebrities PISCES IN POLITICS / WORLD LEADERS / SOCIETY FIGURES George Washington Al Gore Gloria Steinem Ted Kennedy Chelsea Clinton Michael Eisner Rupert Murdoch Sam Donaldson Edward Kennedy John F. Dulles Ralph Nader Alan Greenspan Mikail Gorbachev Czar Alexander III William Westmoreland Prince Andrew PISCES MUSICIANS Frederic Chopin George Harrison Kurt Cobain…

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All About Pisces

All About Pisces – The Pisces Sign Born February 19 – March 20 The Zodiac Birth Sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune. The Pisces symbol, featuring a pair of fish swimming head to tail in a circle is representative of life after death or reincarnation. Pisces are governed by a duality, a struggle of…

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