Pisces and Cancer Love Compatibility

Cancer Pisces

When you’re involved with a Cancer, you’re involved with a parent, a patriot, a nurse and a night-owl.

When you get involved with a Pisces, you get involved with a rescuer, a victim, a mystic and an idealist.

Are CANCER & PISCES Compatible?

  • If you can give a Cancer emotional commitment and security, a loving home and some care for children, you have a better chance of getting their love and affection.
  • If you can give a Pisces help, health, fantasy and art, you have a better chance of getting their love and affection.

Both Cancer and Pisces spend a great deal of time in the world of feelings emotions and intuitions.

Each one of you experiences life as an ebb and flow of emotional tides and currents.

Neither one of you deals with people so much by their outward appearance as by their inner states.

Each one of you has a degree of psychic power.

You can cultivate a mutual appreciation of music and art.

Making A Pisces / Cancer Relationship Work:

TIP: Work on your non-verbal communication, together.

Learn to dance together. Share a ride on a water bed. Intangibles play a great role in your life together.

To share greater success, develop a greater understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all forms of life. In other words, develop your empathy, compassion and emotional rapport.

Essentially, Cancer is a good person who needs to deal with family and emotional issues.

Cancer’s hugs are world class and Cancer’s snuggles are second to none. Cancer is naturally inclined to be touchy about some, but not all relatives and needs to work on the family tree and make some sense of it all.

Cancer has moods that change about four times a day, every two and a half days, every month and every 18 or 19 years. Cancer needs to make the most of these cycles, and establish goals with corresponding deadlines.

Cancer is not necessarily the most direct individual.

Security is something Cancer is always aware of. Usually it’s a top priority. Cancer is definitely strong and protective of turf.

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