Pisces Astrology

Quick Astrology Facts About Pisces:

Pisces Astrology

Born between February 19 – March 20

  • The astrological birth sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune.
  • Also know as the Zodiac sign Pisces, the Sun sign Pisces, or just simply Pisces.
  • The Element associated with Pisces is Water.
  • Pisces are ruled by the feet.

Common misspellings of the word Pisces include: pices, pises, picses, piscis

The Pisces symbol incorporates two opposing fish swimming in a circle representing the duality of the Pisces personality.

  • Pisces is the last of the Zodiac signs.
  • Pisces Best Day of the Week: Fridays
  • Pisces Luckiest Numbers: 2 and 6
  • Pisces Mantra: “I believe…”
  • Pisces Metal: Platinum
  • Pisces Birthstone: Aquamarine
  • Pisces Best Color(s): Pale green and turquoise

Words That Describe Pisces:

Mysterious, mediumistic, dreamy, sensitive, vague, impressionable, artistic, emotional, inconstant, sarcastic, obsessional, deceptive, confused, unrealistic, bizarre, fearful, alcoholic, solitary, compassionate, intuitive, morbid, degraded, perverse, neurotic, secretive, spiritual, clairvoyant, sensual, humanistic, introspective, sublime, idealistic, musical, insane, religious, pious, lacks control, chaotic, careless, masochist, gloomy, magician, wise, charitable, undisciplined, addictive.

NOTE: Astrology isn’t just for entertainment or amusement.

Over half the people surveyed say they regularly consult their horoscope when dealing with stressful situations, dilemmas, or life questions. Gaining insight into astrology can help you find your own answers.

Astrology can be a jump off point where you open to possibilities you hadn’t considered previously and a way for your creative mind to unlock all of the possibilities that lie before you.

There is no downside to Astrology. It is neither religious or occult.

Astrology merely allows us to question our own minds and thoughts and visualize connections that reveal new paths or options.