Pisces and Virgo Love Compatibility


If opposites really do attract, then Virgo and Pisces are a perfect example.

While Virgo is technical, efficient, and thrifty, Pisces is emotional, intuitive, idealistic and free-thinking.

Are Pisces & Virgo Compatible?

Pisces and Virgo complement and balance one another quite nicely.

  • Each of you can be kind and giving.
  • Both of you are into the "spice of life".
  • You're both pretty adaptable and tend to be good at going with the flow.

Both can also be pretty prolific and productive in your endeavors.

Between you, there's probably a bunch of things going at the same time, work, hobbies, fun, whatever.

Making Pisces / Virgo Relationships Work:

For Pisces and Virgo to work best, establishing priorities can be pretty important.

When Pisces and Virgo meet expect instant sparks of sexual attraction and intellectual curiosity. "Hmm..." each might say upon spying the other...

Pisces is attracted to Virgo as a lover and will pull out all the stops in order to have and keep this smart and sexy Virgo around them.

Even given how close Pisces and Virgo may become, they can also be completely wrong for each other.

Pisces can get scared away and leave Virgo feeling confused and self-conscious.

Virgo can say the wrong thing to Pisces which leaves them feeling "attacked" or manipulated. When that happens, Pisces swims the other direction.

Bedroom Chemistry For Pisces with Virgo:

Virgo finds socially and sexually adventurous Pisces to be completely irresistible and is intrigued by the mystical mind of Pisces.

Sex is a strong bond between Pisces and Virgo that keeps things in the relationship very satisfying.

Pisces and Virgo can be an excellent pairing for marriage.

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