Pisces and Taurus Love Compatibility


When you’re involved with a Taurus, you’re involved with a sensualist, a nature lover, an indulger and a money lover.


When you get involved with a Pisces, you get involved with a rescuer, a dreamer, a mystic and an idealist.


Pisces and Taurus are compatible but the relationship can often be a case of the have and have nots.

Taurus likes nice things, money equals security to Taurus and having both is paramount.

Pisces also enjoy and appreciate finer things in life though Pisces are not as naturally inclined to “acquire” as Taurus.

Making Taurus / Pisces Relationships Work:

Essentially, Taurus needs to be assured that everything’s O.K., safe and secure.

Once that’s taken care of Taurus is ready for gracious living. That is to say, Taurus need some good food, antique furniture and passionate sex.

  • If you can give a Taurus security, beauty, nature and pleasure you have a better chance of getting their love and affection.
  • If you can give a Pisces help, health, fantasy and art, you have a better chance of getting their love and affection.
  • Taurus likes to touch nice things, own nice things, wear nice things, eat nice things and have nice things.
  • For Taurus touch or the physical world is real and gives comfort.

It is important that Taurus acquire some mastery over the physical, practical and earthly world. Then, paradoxically, Taurus must learn to let go.

Taurus will only find security by acquiring a sense of self that is separate from possessions. Actually, it’s not so much about what you possess, but about not being in “survival jeopardy.”

Bedroom Chemistry for Pisces and Taurus

Both of these signs love to argue and bickering may be a favorite form of foreplay.

However the sex may not be that great as usually a lot of drinking, recreational drugs or other escapist behavior is required before the act can take place.

If these two end up together it is usually because of some very practical need because basically they can’t stand each other.

This relationship is also subject to meddling and interference from relatives.

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