Pisces with Aquarius

Pisces with Aquarius Love Compatibility

For Aquarius: This can be a tricky pairing. Pisces emotional intensity can drive you away. Then, Pisces ends up feeling confused and hurt by the whole thing.

For Pisces: There are better combinations. Aquarians can be too removed and distant for you. Pisces moodiness can get on Aquarius nerves.

Pisces seek a strong partner that can take control and Aquarius like emotional extortion or baggage.

Aquarius is non-committal into experiencing everything under the sun, while Pisces is more engaged in satisfying their spiritual and emotional needs.

When you get involved with a Pisces, you get involved with a rescuer, a victim, a mystic and an idealist.

If you can give an Aquarius tolerance, choices, and something new and different, you have a greater chance of getting their love and affection.

If you can give a Pisces help, health, fantasy and art, you have a better chance of getting their love and affection.

Aquarius is friendly and likes people. But if the people are emotionally needy, then Aquarius needs space.

Aquarius can march to the beat of a different drummer. Aquarius can have an eccentric temperament and can be just a bit strong, original, independent, unpredictable and contrary. Aquarius is well suited to become an idea person.

Aquarius can become a fabulous communicator, perceptive, intelligent and highly intuitive.

Aquarius is no snob or hypocrite. On the contrary, Aquarius has the potential to develop tremendous social skills. The more Aquarius adopts the “live and let live” attitude, the more friends Aquarius will make.

There are at least two sides to the Pisces personality. One is more kind, loving, tolerant and long-suffering than most people. The other can be biting. Pisces doesn’t want to hurt people, unless Pisces is feeling righteous and needs to punish the guilty.

It’s fair to say that Pisces is imaginative, a dreamer, and even mystical.

Pisces certainly seems to absorb and drink in surroundings more than most people.

Pisces has mood swings and can benefit from live music and dance.

Pisces can break the chains of fate and destiny. More than most people, Pisces is a product of belief as much as disbelief.