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Pisces Season 2019: Feb. 19 – Mar. 21

Pisces Season 2019

What does Pisces Season mean for a Pisces?

Pisces season in 2019 feels like a time for reeling in lose ends and moving forward, even on uncertain seas. 

You can’t control the weather, Pisces. You can’t control the tides. 

But you know that you can navigate the waters just fine, as long as you keep your cool and a steady hand on the wheel.

In other words, it’s time to get moving and once you do, keep moving. 

You’ll know where to go as you get there.

Pisces Season 2019: Rethink -> Rework -> Reward

If you want to feel good during this time don’t be too certain about anything. 

This is a time of tremendous opportunity, provided you keep your eyes open and spot them. 

Don’t demand that the universe deliver your good according your timelines or schedules. Instead, help along the things that come along. 

Trust your Pisces intuition.

Pisces season is the ideal time of year to focus on living better and improving your mind-body connection. 

  • Practicing meditation and yoga
  • Cleaning up your diet and nutrition
  • Improving your physical fitness

All of these pay extra dividends during Pisces season because you can really FEEL the improvements – and it feels GOOD.

Pisces season is also a great time to get creative. 

Create art. Sing and dance with friends. 

Take a new class, or just take the time to work through your feelings about how you’re living versus the way you want to live.

You’ll know what to do, Pisces. 

The question is whether or not you’ll listen to or argue with…. yourself. .

How does Pisces season affect 2019?

It’s up to you to decide where to apply thoughtfully focused attention and good old-fashioned hard work (except it won’t feel hard to you – it was your idea, after all!)

As 2019 unfolds, it’s the ideas sparking your imagination now that pay off for you in the end. 

Pisces season is like an incubator hatching new beginnings of all shapes and colors for the rest of the year.

2019 can be a year of tremendous rebirth and renewal. 

Trade in old habits and thinking patterns that chronically inhibit and even harm you for a new, more pleasurable and personally rewarding lifestyle that helps you stay healthier, wealthier and wiser.

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