Pisces Horoscope: December 2019


Recognition, rewards, greater power and prestige, even your assets, property, belongings are enhanced greatly.

The time is being truly generous, and you deserve it.

Your vision is practical right now, and you want to see tangible results for your efforts.

  • More contact with authority figures is likely during this period
  • Recognition is likely to come your way whether you ask for it or not, and the
    responsibility that comes right along with it!
  • Do what you feel is right, keeping in mind that you are at your most visible during this month in the year.

Demands and responsibilities in professional work as well as financial ones are likely to increase very suddenly and rapidly.

  • You are confused about what future directions to take.
  • You want both absence of worry, and at least some, if not all, the good things of life.
  • You may have to wait longer than you thought because that’s how situations are shaping up now.

You will be more friendly, more magnanimous but also more extravagant.

In fact, you will join a club, action group or gathering of like-minded people even at work. Those who please you in terms of your ideas as well as ideals will be the ones you interact with.

If a romance were to begin this month, it would be characterized by a strong feeling of companionship, but it could also be to a certain extent impersonal and perhaps lacking in intensity and intimacy.

Some of you may feel like escaping from day-to-day realities for a while.

  • You can appreciate an imaginative approach and may value communal or futuristic ideas.
  • Some element of mystery, glamour, illusion, or spirituality in the current circumstances will afford an opportunity to introduce changes within yourself.
  • Strange and whimsical fads in fashion, behavior and attitudes may arise.

This month, you are more than ever passionate and daring.

Some agitation and desire for exciting activity is experienced.

Essentially, you are looking to expand your activities and opportunities for higher studies, travel or simply new subjects may be presented.

  • You become aggressively involved in expanding your basic beliefs and your philosophies about life.
  • You may find someone that you are willing to follow; this person may be a spiritual guru or a business mentor.
  • Creative projects can flourish with enlarged focus and redoubled efforts that somehow don’t tire you out.

Your imagination is stimulated, and you need activities and entertainments that are colorful, out the ordinary, and definitely not mundane.

You may wish to travel unknown places, uncover the mystery and tell this story to the world. You may also be attracted to strangers.

You’re enjoying your expedition to dream lands and fantasy kingdoms. As a result, you tend to procrastinate in your duties and responsibilities.


You are sensual and earthy in your sexual desires.

  • The libido is strong, but controlled.
  • Things are about to take off for you.
  • You feel a positive vibe in relationships and other aspects of your life.

You have truly worked hard for these rewards so sit back and enjoy them, you deserve it all.

Stay in contact with higher ups and authority figures and this will help in reaching your goals. Whether you expect recognition or not, it will be there, staring you in the face and along with it will be more responsibility to take on.

Tensions are building involving your own ability to take the lead and to manage others. Do what you feel is true and right in your heart.

You are very noticeable to everyone around you in evaluation and/or in inspiration so your decisions will not go unrecognized.

Committed relationships offer you more stability, and if you’re not in one, you might be feeling a tad insecure.

One-on-one relationships are becoming increasingly important to you now.

Some of you will be taking on business partners, and some will be bringing more work to a romantic partnership in some way.

While career matters are especially pressing this month, it will be helpful to keep that stress at the office so that you can better enjoy your love life.


Prepare for many things in your life to be heightened, enhanced and made better.

  • Recognition for your deeds and work, rewards, prestige and even some power could be coming your way.
  • This is a generous time but since you have been so generous with the people around you in the past, you deserve it and everyone involved knows it.
  • Allow your peers to indulge you and do not be averse to a business dinner with the boss.

Your vision is practical right now; you know what kind of results are realistic and you expect to see tangible results for your efforts.

The people around you know that you do things to get them done quickly and efficiently, and more contact with your authority figures is likely.

It’s nothing to worry about though as they’re likely to be showering you with praise or recognition for your great performance.

Whether you are seeking it or not, some added responsibility may come along with this recognition.

That is the way business works, but some people would rather not deal with any more needs than right now. It is not a selfish attitude, but if you want to get further than you are right now you need to be more willing to give more of yourself to what you do in life.

Things are going so well for you, you may go head over heels trying to make left or right of them.

Don’t worry if all of a sudden activity surrounding you leaves you feeling confused.

Do what you feel is right and know that during this month, you are most visible this year.

Get the most you can out of small compliments and capitalize on greater ones, unafraid to take what you want and deserve.

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