Pisces 2019 Forecast – What’s In Store For You?

Pisces 2019: A year of tremendous personal growth and progress for you, Pisces. 

It may feel like it’s starting slow and that you’re frequently having to swim upstream – but you are absolutely heading in the right direction.

If you’ll simply stay focused and keep moving forward, you’ll arrive happier, healthier and exactly where you want to be this year!


It’s no secret that the last several months have been tough on you, Pisces.

Your work, your career and/or your business may have seen some extraordinarily difficult problems you haven’t had to face previously. These challenges have been emotionally draining, often causing you to behave in ways most people do not expect from you.

You have been willing to recognize that these problems were, at least in part, of your own making. You’ve already begun to take the steps necessary to resolve them once and for all. So now you can get back to moving forward with your usual positive and enthusiastic energy.

Pisces 2019Don’t be surprised when the dream job offer or promotion you’ve been waiting for finally materializes in 2019, Pisces.

2019 is a year of fresh new beginnings and you’re going to get plenty of chances to let your unique Pisces creativity and ingenuity shine brightly in front of those who were previously unaware of your special talents.

Consider carefully if exciting new opportunities appear for you to: travel abroad for the next year or two, expand your education, or grow your business enterprise.

Give yourself permission in 2019 to cut the cord on time, energy and money draining projects, partnerships and business ventures. Instead, invest those resources in yourself this year.

It’s not normally in your nature to put yourself first, but you must become much more benevolently selfish in 2019 in order to allow all the good that you seek to create through your work to come to fruition.


At home and with family, you’ll be contending with illness or health challenges of an elder in your life that may be serious, even life threatening, but otherwise enjoy a happy and good 2019, Pisces.

You may find yourself moving your residence or acquiring new property in 2019, Pisces – especially toward the fall or end of the year.

Pisces who are married or in committed relationships will enjoy happiness and fulfillment with their mate in 2019 as long as you keep the lines of communication open and honest. Emotional and physical needs that may have been recently neglected in your relationship come to the forefront and offer a unique opportunity for healing and mutual satisfaction.

Young, single Pisces are going to enjoy a super-active social life with a high likelihood of hooking up with someone of the opposite sex you previously considered just a friend. This deepening relationship is significant in your future, possibly leading to marriage down the line – the thought of which delights your parents or others in your family who give their full support (maybe too much!)

Pisces students will have to work hard in 2019 to achieve their education goals but the results will be well worth it. Focusing on technical training and skills or science pays off big dividends  – as does developing your critical thinking, debate, public speaking and/or stage performance skills.


You’ll enjoy good health all through 2019, Pisces – as long as you rein in your laziest impulses and positively reinforce your motivational strength.

Taking control of your weight may be problematic for you in 2019 as you’ll feel entitled to “reward yourself” for all the positive changes or challenges you’ll overcome this year. Don’t listen to the siren song, Pisces!

You may find yourself assisting an elderly or aging parent or other family member suffering a significant health crisis in 2019. If nothing else has gotten through to you in the past, dealing with this will finally put your own personal health front and center in your mind, Pisces – so pay attention to that hidden gift and take good care of yourself!

Meditation, yoga and physical exercise are all particularly rewarding and worthwhile for you in 2019, Pisces.

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