Attract A Pisces

How To Attract A Pisces Lover

Become Irresistible To A Pisces

So you want to attract the attention of a special Pisces someone, eh?

Pisces can make for dreamy and super sensual encounters that leave your mind, body and soul all aching for more.

Read on and let’s learn how to make yourself absolutely IRRESISTIBLE to a Pisces lover, male or female…

#1 – CONVERSATION: You can always count on Pisces being interested in and stimulated by intelligent conversation about art, books, poetry, music or movies.

Another way to keep Pisces attention is to delve into metaphysics and the esoteric: spirituality, the occult, mysticism, the supernatural, reincarnation, etc. Even Pisceans who aren’t actually all that into such things (and there’s not many Pisces who are not) are easily captivated by discussions about it.

Tactfully confide your problems to the Pisces object of your desire. Pisces are fantastic listeners and the interest they show in your stories is almost always sincere.

Whatever you do, don’t come off as being too overwhelmed by your problems or unable to cope as this is disconcerting to a Pisces. Pisceans have an unusual empathy and understanding for those caught in a struggle, but they prefer to be around people who who are strong and supportive, with a dream and/or a plan, and a positive hands-on attitude about life.

One good way to discuss tough issues with a Pisces is to talk about your difficulties with humor. Pisceans are naturally funny people who love to laugh and will be impressed by you shrugging your cares away with a smile.

Ask a Pisces about a subject that you know they know a lot about. (Heads Up: Pisceans are naturally artistic, with a real appreciation and eye for the arts, so you are never going to screw things up moving in that direction.)

If you do the above, Pisces will soon open up to you. You might even find it difficult to wrest control back over the conversation.

Pisceans love to share and talk, discuss and grow. If they sense you are into the topic, you might find yourself chatting until the sun comes up!

Always greet a Pisces with a compliment or repeat a flattering statement or nickname they are known by. Pisces soak up flattery like a sponge.

Above all, be romantic and sentimental. Remember important things like birthday and anniversary dates. Pisceans are extremely gracious and thoughtful and they never forget kindness (or a stinging unkindness, either!).