Pisces Musicians

Pisces Musicians

Pisces make fantastic musicians because of the uniquely creative and artistic nature. Some of the world’s greatest musicians are/were Pisces.

By trusting their natural intuitive ability to read people and situations, Pisces musicians are especially adept at improvisation and “jamming”, where their inventive, free-flowing creativity can truly shine.

To a Pisces musician, sitting in with a new group of players and just letting go is the penultimate musical experience.

Pisces also make excellent songwriters, particularly because of Pisces vivid imagination and story-telling abilities.


  • Frederic Chopin
    George Harrison
    Kurt Cobain
    Johnny Cash
    Fred Neil
    Andrew Lloyd Weber
    Sir Elton John
    Aretha Franklin
    Nat “King” Cole
    Eric Clapton
    Al Green
    Julian Lennon
    Steven Tyler
    Smokey Robinson
    Jon Bon Jovi
    Mark McGrath
    Queen Latifah